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EricHiggin said:
KLAMarine said:

Eric, are you prepared to debunk the following screenshot?

I ask because this is what was provided by "authorities" in media. Variety, for example:

All I'm asking is for you to shorten up your posts. It's what I try to do: keep things brief and to the point and not try to use overly-complicated metaphors.

Sony putting out "a typical corporate BS response" does nothing more than make Sony look bad. It also not only fuels the efforts of the "cross play pushers" but also sours more moderate spectators.

Sony's not very smart if your description of them is to be believed. I think they should have gone with the "writing a few paragraphs" approach and at least maybe win over moderate people who will have made the effort to read Sony's response in full.

The issue is damaging to their image.

Sony's not "4theplayer" nor is PS always "the best place to play" as their marketing regularly points out.

It also leaves them open for Nintendo and Microsoft to attack. I hope Nintendo and Microsoft do so at some point.

Well it seemed like you were trying to see my points, but weren't quite there, so I felt the need to elaborate. Apparently I was mistaken I guess.

'The Fortnite account is associated with a platform we knowingly gave into even though we knew what the better decision would have been for the gamers but instead we caved. We can't do anything about it because we already signed a contract. We shouldn't have done that but it's too late now. Please don't hate us and open a new account and continue to play our game while purchasing more micro-transactions'.   Unless Nin is the one blocking PS accounts from being on Switch, which is more unlikely, that's my take on it.

Were you there when Epic Games and Sony were negotiating Fortnite's PS4 port? Have you access to the contracts themselves?

EricHiggin said:

PS gave a horrible PR response and still won me over so. I have no issue pointing out problems when any brand crosses the line, and while PS is getting closer, they haven't quite got there yet.

Sounds like you at least acknowledge PS has slowly been adopting increasingly anti-consumer policy.

twintail said:
KLAMarine said:

This still does not eliminate the possibility that the agreement between EG and Sony on how Fortnite would be handled on PS4 had been concluded long before a Switch port even started consideration... By the time Switch port started work, dealings with Sony may have already concluded. Too late then, Switch access to a PS4-associated EG account was not discussed at the first round of dealings.

I sincerely think EG wants cross-platform and cross-access so that their players can move freely across platforms. It only makes sense to have this to maximize playtime and therefore, transactions. To lock players down to a platform and place limits, on the other hand, benefits a platform since players are now forced to use that platform.

EG has some blame sure but it doesn't make sense to me that they would ever want this situation to occur. I cannot say the same for Sony that has the greatest clout out of the big three.

Even if we assume there we no further dealings, its pretty obvious that whatever deal they made was for competition console devices, and not specifically just the X1.

We don't know that. Without being able to look at business exchanges themselves, we cannot say that the X1 wasn't singled out.

twintail said:

Either way, Sony not having cross-play with either X1 or Switch before Fortnite was released, and then not allowing content transfer with X1, only makes the issue with Switch even more obvious. Like, its possible they didnt know but in no way is it probable.

And I by no means argue that EG dont want a more open environment. But they accepted the terms given to them from Sony. because money was a lot more important to them than being pro-consumer. Agreeing and signing that agreement is more than just some blame. They had a role to play in all of this. 

Yes EG played their role and NOW they're trying to rectify things and open things up for everyone and allow maximum accessibility with no restrictions. Donald Mustard from Epic wants it but the entity standing in the way is Sony. (2:15)

It all comes down to Sony in the end.