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VAMatt said:
Nem said:


That's not how it works. A country is a state, a society. It needs to protect it's citizens to be able to function properly. This includes protecting minors above all and protecting citizens from predatory behaviour. You are part of a society, you don't live "by yourself". People in society help protect each other. It's how we survived, and it's why they exist.

You're telling me that  in order for humans to survive, we have to tell each other what leisure activities were allowed to engage in? That's a load of crap.


We don't "have to" tell each other. People vote on representatives and assemblies/senates legislate on policy to protect the population. This is as basic as getting an army. We are in countries, we are not in no-man's land. None of us is. Your problem is you seem to only he capable of thinking of yourself, rather than the society you are in. Being responsible is one thing, protecting population from external attacks are another. Companies do not have the population's best interests in mind. They merely wish to make money at any cost (they would drug people if they needed. Some have done that in one way or another. Gambling is one such drug, used in the psychic level.). The state needs to protect their populations from such entities just like they protect them from unemployment with subsidies or from external invasion by having an army. Life in society. It's so part of you, you even forget it's there. Last edited by Nem - on 23 June 2018