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quickrick said:
Nuvendil said:

There's a difference between stubborn pricing practices and actively and intentionally screwing over players to try and coerce them into purchasing and playing on your platform.  One is certainly annoying but can be compensated for through used games and the like.  The other is deliberately consumer hostile.  


Also, bringing up something negative about another company doesn't negate the badness of another.  So instead of derailing the thread with nonsense comparisons, either make an actual case for Sony or don't bother.

The case should be obvious. sony has nothing to gain from this, playstation is a huge chunk of sony profits, while xbox is a fart in the wind for Microsoft, thats why are their exclusives are on PC, plus with sony having the biggest user base, the competitors  get free advertisement, especially nintendo with there weak online infrastructure, and community. it's not a smart business move.   

Maybe it's because it's late where I am but how on God's green earth does Nintendo's online position & Microsoft's financial non-reliance on xbox explain or justify Sony's surreptitious locking of a 3rd party account...?


Honestly, this thread is like a litmus test of fanboyism!


If Sony had been up front about locking accounts when logging in that would be one thing but doing it on the sly is just indefensible!