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Miyamotoo said:
DélioPT said: 

If focusing on the short term is so great and the only thing companies need, why doesn't everyone do the same? Specially after looking at Switch. Why is that?

Lol, point that everyone else are doing things in difrent way doesnt mean that Nintendos way is wrong way, I mean numbers (hardware and software sales) tells us without doubt that their strategy works for them, from your point you could also said that its wrong way Nintendo releasing hybrid console. From some reason you have hard time accepting that Nintendo is managing things different and that not everyone need to managing things in same way. 

Also for instance Sony also talked few months ago how they dont want any more to announce games so much in advance and want to have smaller amount of time between announcing and releasing game.

I never said that Nintendo needs to be like everyone else in every regard.
Still, you didn't answer my question: if that strategy is so awesome, why doesn't everyone copy Nintendo?
If we go by what you say, then it would give them the same results that they are having - or better.

Btw, is it their strategy that is making Switch a success or is it the games and concept that are making it a success and overshadowing the shortcomings of their strategy?