Every year there is one E3 presentation I do not miss, and that's Nintendo. I watch Microsoft's and Sony's conferences typically online later in the day or the next day. It's because that's the company I love, and I have always enjoyed their first party titles more than any 3rd party, or 1st party games any other company could offer. 

I essentially mention this to let people know I'm not trying to crap on Nintendo, being that I'm pretty much only going to write about Nintendo games I was disappointed didn't show. So here it is.

Bayonetta 3: this I thought was a shoe in for a gameplay trailer. Nintendo talked about how they weren't going to show games years from release, so I figured an entire year later it would definitely have something to show. 

This brings me to...

Metroid Prime 4: I can cut Bayo 3 some slack being it's a Platinum game. Third parties I don't expect to be held to the statements made by Nintendo. MP4 however, has no excuse. revealed YEARS before it is going to release apparently, I was incredibly disappointed it did not show. 

These two things were the WTF moment for Nintendo's presentation. There was one more game I was really hoping would be revealed, that would have been the HUGE reveal for this years E3. That said I was not really expecting it, but still probably the most disappointing exclusion.

Monolith Soft's new game, or next Xeno project: Let's face it, Monolith Soft is the company a lot of people are really keeping their eyes on with Nintendo. Everyone wants to know if the next Xeno game is X-2 or XC3, and people are anxiously awaiting to see what that new IP they are working on is.

As with the other games I mentioned I don't buy they didn't show it because it's years away from releasing, so is Bayo and Metroid. This would have been the stinger for the Direct we just never got. Hopefully we'll see it at next years, which I expect to see all three now.