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Nautilus said:
Lonely_Dolphin said:
That's lots of words but no evidence to back them up, whereas I've provided just a few of many examples.

Now Im not giving examples?I mean, if you simply forget everything I wrote about game sales, or how I wrote a whole paragraph about how surprise can be essential and everything?*sigh*

Given that its pretty clear now that you are simply complaining for the purpose of complaining and not being able to admit that I have at the very least the possibility of being right, Ill declare that the argument is over and that I was right.This will be my last reply to you on this subject.Have a nice day!

I can't forget what never happened. Just saying surprise is essential because you say so isn't an example, and the game sales you brought up were in relation to 3rd party significance, not surprise factor. Infact I even turned the Fortnite numbers against you.

Ha, looks like you know you can't beat cold hard evidence. It's really not that hard to just admit when you're wrong, I've done it plenty of times, but whatever, flee thinking you're right. Your whole point that the direct could of been better is irrelevant anyway.