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Shaunodon said:
V-r0cK said:

I'm not sure I understand the reference? Musical?  What musical?

And Nomura got taken off FFVX like mid production and was replaced by Hajime Tabata, that he scrapped a lot of Nomura's ideas and characters with the result we've seen now.  All Nomura got left to his name in FFXV were probably just character designs.  If anything, FFXV was nothing like what Nomura had wanted. I wished he stayed on FFXV as we could've gotten a better story or more complete launch version.  

OT: I'm fine if FFVII remake doesn't get released as soon as many would want as long as the game is well executed.  If anything, I expect this game to take the most of Square's time and resources because this game is the definitive of Square and it's baby.


I'm saying that Nomura, after all his years kicking FFXV's development around in circles, came to the meeting room one day after seeing Les Miserables and had the epiphany that FFXV should be a musical. They had to talk him out of it, and he was eventually taken off development so that someone could finally come in and actually finish the damn thing.

Nomura and his team was rerouted multiple times away from  FFXV to help the FFXIII sagas, and to help save FFXIV. 

Last edited by deskpro2k3 - on 20 June 2018