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LiquorandGunFun said:
OdinHades said:

I just hole they will bring more stuff for PSVR. They spoiled me with VR. I don't want to play flat games anymore on my PlayStation. =

If I were you I would be a bit concerned, PSVR is getting the Vita treatment lately.

Im soured on anything but a playstation from sony. support is terrible over and over.

Theres only like 2-3m or something PSVR headsets out there right? It kinda limits how big a budget you can justify for a game developed for it.

Also:    "There are currently 396 titles on this page."

Theres like 300 (released) games for it... in about 2 years its been out, much more do you want?

"PSVR is getting the Vita treatment lately."

Thats why theres like a 100 more games comeing for it in... and alot of those in 2018?