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This generation Playstation fans has had the joy of playing some of the best games the industry has to offer; From new and exciting intellectual properties like Horizon: Zero Dawn (89 OpenCritic) and Bloodborne (91 OpenCritic), to soft reboots of the God of War (95 OpenCritic) and Ratchet and Clank (86 OpenCritic) franchises and sequels like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (92 OpenCritic), Persona 5 (94 OpenCritic) and many more. 
All of the above titles not only enjoyed critical succes but financial too, paving the way for sequels and new intellectual properties on Sony's next generation hardware. Coming next generation, Sony will be ready to fire on all cylinders!

List of potential upcoming exclusive titles for the Playstation 5.

First Party

  1. Naughty Dog
    • Untitled The Last of Us sequel
  2. Santa Monica Studio
    • Untitled God of War sequel
  3. Guerrilla Games
    • Untitled Horzion sequel
  4. Polyphony Digital
    • Untitled Gran Turismo sequel
  5. Sucker Punch Productions
    • Untitled Ghost of Tsushima sequel
  6. Media Molecule
    • New untitled intellectual property
  7. Bend Studio
    • Untitled Days Gone sequel
  8. Japan Studio
    • New untitled intellectual property
  9. San Diego Studio
    • Untitled MLB: The Show sequel
  10. PixelOpus
    • New untitled intellectual property
  11. New San Diego based studio
    • Untitled Uncharted game (rumoured)

Second Party

  1. Insomniac Games
    • Untitled Spider-Man sequel
    • Untitled Ratchet and Clank sequel
  2. Kojima Productions
    • Untitled Death Stranding sequel
  3. Quantic Dream
    • New untitled intellectual property
  4. FromSoftware
    • Untitled Bloodborne sequel
  5. Atlus
    • Untitled Persona sequel
  6. Bluepoint Games
    • Untitled remake of a Playstation classic

Last month Playstation CEO, John Kodera, said that the Playstation 4 had entered its "final phase", leaving Playstation fans speculating about the inevitable arrival of Playstation 4's successor, the Playstation 5. Rumour has it that Microsoft will release their next generation of Xbox hardware in 2020, exactly 3 years after the launch of the Xbox One X, and that has lead many to believe that Sony might release the Playstation 5 next year - in 2019 - 3 years after the launch of the Playstation 4 Pro. Whether or not the Playstation 5 releases next year, Sony has already positioned themselves as winners of the next generation, at least in terms of exclusives. But hey, that is just my opinion. :)