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92 Hobby ConsolasWithout any doubt, this is one of the best installments if the Mario Tennis series. Not only for the number of game modes it offers, but because of its addictive gameplay. Mario Tennis Aces is a must-buy for Nintendo Switch owners.

86 COGconnectedPut everything together, and Mario Tennis Aces is a great addition to the Switch lineup. For hardcore tennis fans, there's lots of authenticity to the shot selection and special moves. If you like an RPG-style Mario adventure, there's a deep and well-written mode that will keep you interested. The game could do better to prepare you for unexpected moments of difficulty, but that doesn't change the fact that Mario Tennis Aces is a really fun game and another essential title for any Switch owner.

70 God is a GeekPlay through the story mode until you take out the first boss and you should have a good grip on how the game is played, once there I suggest you stop before the game turns you into a gibbering gibbon of pure hatred. Take that part as a tutorial and then play against your friends and you’ll have a whale of a time. I put the game in front of my family members, and for the first time ever I saw interactions that wouldn’t look out of place in a Switch infomercial, they were having pure, unadulterated fun and that’s where this game’s magic lies.

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 21 June 2018

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