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AlfredoTurkey said:

Why? Aside from portability, it's going to be the weakest version out of them all tech-wise.

Personally, i mainyl play on my Switch now, much more rarely on my PC. the reason is not really portability, not in the sense that i go outside to play, but i also have a wife, 2kids and a house to take care of. honestly, it's pretty rare that i can play for 2-3 hours in a row. first, it's pretty tough to have the control of the tv. then even if my kids are playing or watching a movie they are still very young (4 and 5) so i must stay in the general area, so cannot go in my computer room to play. finally, i'm often required by my kids or my wife to do something. (dad i want more juice, dad can you pick up that game on the highest shelve, etc). so i'm alway interrupted when i play.

now, on a PS4, beside the fact that i need to tv to play, each time you start the console, you boot the OS, start the game load your game... Now with a switch, let's say my kids are playing with dolls, i start to play on my tv, my wife want to check something, i pick the switch and undocked it, my kids want to go out to do a bike ride, i stop the switch, go out do the bike ride, and go in again, i boot the switch, and my game is still running at the same exact spot i left it. i can play a bit more on the tv, my kids want to watch a movie, i undock the switch again. 15 minutes later, i need to go in the kitchen to cook the supper, so i stop the switch again. then while i wait for the meal in the oven to be done, i can pickup my game again, and again my game is exactly where i left it, nothing to boot, nothing to load...


So now i dont care to go with the weakest version, because i have much more time to play because the design of the switch