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Nem said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

You can have $100 worth of shit purchased on PC in Fortnite, created your Epic account on PC, and played for 350 hours on PC. But because you logged into a friends PS4 to show him/her your cosmetics for five minutes, your account is now held hostage on PS4 and you cannot use it on Switch or Xbone. There is no defending that. There’s no “revenue” Sony is missing out on, there’s no relevance to past games like FFXIV or other games that don’t allow you to transfer your account and purchases across platforms, because Epic allows you to do that with Fortnite. Unless of course, you’ve ever played on PS4.

The uproar about this will make them change. It’s a good thing. And then maybe they’ll loosen up about cross play.


You don't understand. PS4 is the most popular console. People will play where their friends are. Sony will get loads of revenue from doing that rather than letting people go across another system and buy their micro-transactions there. It is exactly what they do with FFXIV. They want that revenue and i doubt they will change, no matter how much noise people make. It's millions we are talking about. Would you give up millions just to let someone play and purchase in a competitors system? These are shareholders we are talking about. They care about money and the worth of their stock. So, unless this controversy reflects in a stock value drop, and i don't see why it would, i doubt they will hand out those millions to the competition just to please you guys. It's unthinkable.

This. Seems like people just miss the point that Sony loses if they allow cross-play compared to Nintendo and MS who have least install base who gains a lot. Lets ask the same question with those guys who are complaining and see what they will do if they were in Sony position. 

If you have a business that is successful for which you worked really hard, and if some of your competitors who are least successful or popular asked to co-operate with them for promoting few products that they sell (you also do) in your stores then will you agree ? Will you help your competitors by marketing those products with their stores names also in the ad for those products like where they can find it in your stores ads just because also sell same item ?

Its common sense that many people lacking here, and they just want their self desires to be satisfied instead of thinking about it in subjective manner and making sense. 

Sony will support cross-play from next-gen (only next-gem games) when they start from 0 with some T&C to give them some revenue if their platforms users are mostly used or something like that which is useful for every platform. Also many people forget MS charges money though subscription for F2P games as you cant play fortnight without Gold. So why no one is complaining when Sony does not ? Is that not a anti-consumer ? 

Why Nintendo do not give even basic functions like Music, Movie and web access in their console when other platforms are offering ? Why they are not giving option to back up your saves without online subscription when others are giving free access  ?

Because its business for them, and they are protecting their investments just like Sony has to because they struggled a lot and spent a lot of money last gen. Also Sony as a company was struggled few years before PS4, and entire Sony is relying on PlayStation. Also Sony is investing and risking a lot with First party studios using that money and giving really big budget and production values games like Hollywood compared to others. Which is pushing MS to do now which helps gamers, and also Nintendo too very soon if they want to be competitive.

We gamers need to ask platform holders to give games, and also make sure we help them stay alive to make those games we love but not like this non-sense that people throwing at Sony every time there is no cross-play for a game they want (Sony would do allow if they do not lose anything). Nothing you do will affect their sales, as they are doing what gamers want as a whole compared to those few people who complain will not make a dent on their revenue. 

GAMING is not about spending hours to pass/waste our time just for fun,

its a Feeling/Experience about a VIRTUAL WORLD we can never be in real, and realizing some of our dreams (also creating new ones).

So, Feel Emotions, Experience Adventure/Action, Challenge Game, Solve puzzles and Have fun.

PlayStation is about all-round "New experiences" using new IP's to provide great diversity for everyone.

Xbox is always about Online and Shooting.

Nintendo is always about Fun games and milking IP's.