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CGI-Quality said:

That was my original point (I believe I'd know what I meant :p). You called him pretentious. I wanted to know how - and you refused to explain after two replies. I finally got something on the third.

To me, when you say someone is acting like something they aren't (which is what pretentious means), I try to look for the "how" in it. 

Yeah, took a while, didn't it!

...Hm... I'm sure that is what pretentious means ... but I mean more so this definition : "attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed"

I guess you could argue that, that is a form of "acting like something you aren't", since you're acting of greater importance than you are, but that really isn't the same thing in a literal definition. In any case, now you know which definition I'm using.