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CGI-Quality said:

No, Metal Gear didn't have this level of complacency, because he wasn't established yet. And now we've returned to my original point - he can't be pretentious if this is what he's known for. Thus far, it has worked throughout his career. I'm willing to lay the current level of how cryptic this is on being new. Other than that, nothing he's done in regards to this game is out of left field. I get that you're frustrated, just as I am content, but it is what it is. He got similar backlash with MGS3. 

In any event, he'll reveal more obviously, but my guess is this game will be another feather he can add to his cap.

Uhh ... what? First of all, that isn't your original point. You never made one, you just expected me to explain everything . Second of all, no, that isn't true. Anything can be classified as pretentious, provided there is legitimate reasoning to back up that classification. Saying that someone is known for doing something is certainly a good counter-point, but it isn't the end all be all of discussion. It doesn't instantly stop something from being pretentious, in fact, it's often the biggest proponents of certain ideals that end up getting stuck in them to the point of pretentiousness.  There is such a thing as mindless self-indulgence. 

As much as Kojima is known for adding weird, experimental parts of his games, you know what else he is known for? Action, bombast, titillating female characters, spy intrigue, etc. I could go on and on, but again the point isn't that i'm expecting any of that (it would be really boring if he just made the same game over and over) - the point is that your "he's known for this so it's okay" doesn't really hold up. He isn't just known for this, he has many equalizers that have made his previous products successful. 

Of course, it will probably be great. Doesn't really change the discussion though.