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CGI-Quality said:

If it isn't something you can explain, I don't see why you'd say it at all then. I could work with, "well, he acts like he's something or someone he isn't". But you just give me, "well, if you can't see it, you just can't see it".... Okay. :p

In all seriousness, my interpretation of what he's doing is that he wants people to look deeper into it than what was displayed on a screen. That works for me, because I'm a storyteller/writer. Deeper meanings are right up my alley. Plus, this is Kojima. It's what he does. Some like it, others don't. And that's okay. But, it's his style, and if he wasn't successful at it, he'd hardly have as big a following as he does.

The dude has made three or four trailers now that are just as cryptic as each other and instead of selling a game at this point he's just trying to sell a narrative of a game being really weird. Kojima games have always been weird, but it's getting to the point where it's annoying. Not because of how the game is being depicted or because it's out of my ballpark, it's because as a marketing gimmick it has run it's course. Sure it has started a lot of discussion, but this trailer in particular has seen more backlash than the others because of this repetition. It's just getting tiring at this point. For me in particular it's mostly because I know he wants it to be weird, to be something "deep", or maybe to be some meta-narrative (I'm betting on the latter, although the trailer will obviously look more deep in the context of the full game, that is usually the case). So because I know what he's going for, it doesn't really affect me anymore. It's just there at this point. 

Anyways I think Kojima got most of his following from his games. Metal Gear was very weird but it was at least something tangible. This game isn't something tangible thus far, which is why I find it a bit frustrating that we're just sweeping this under the rug as "Kojima being Kojima". Honestly if Kojima did stuff like this from the beginning of his career I'm not sure he would have the following he has now, it's a bit disingenuous to act like Metal Gear had this level of complacency in it's advertising stage. 

I still think the game will be great, but that's exactly why this is so frustrating.