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Madword said:
Looks amazing. Just wish you could export - i.e make a game and release it on PSn... that would be fantastic. Perhaps they'll allow that for the best games or even selling them as DLC.

Hope they cover what the campaign is about as I think some people will want to just play but not make stuff (like LBP)

That is something that's being looked into. Healey has said it's easy to do. The biggest problem with that is all the best creators would likely end up creating games for sale and not contribute to the creative community. If they do implement it at some point then there needs to be some stipulations. My advice would be: The creator has to have at least 3 well received games/experiences before applying. The creator must prove the games popularity first by hitting a 'particular' engagement number. The game must then pass a stringent quality control assessment before being allowed on PSN. The price must not be too expensive. Perhaps $5 - $10 would be about right for the average sized game and $10 - $15 for exceptionally long games (for Dreams). Let's say 3 - 5 hours. 


The PS5 Exists.