Probably joycon set.

Don't yet have the pro controller, otherwise would most likely use that. But I do like using default controllers for systems, so that if I'm ever at someone else's place and that is all they have to use, I don't feel handicapped, ect.

Always annoys me when I play someone in a competitive game and after beating them they resort to. "I'm not used to this controller"

Also a reason I HATE QTE events. I hate seeing some Y, X, triangle, A, B whatever on the freaking screen, cause none of the controllers use the same location or thing. If you only ever use one controller in your life, then it's fine, but for those of us who use multiple due to multiple systems, its confusing as heck. I can swap controller easy enough, cause button locatiosn the same, but the button names aren't so QTE's beyond a shitty gameplay mechanic just confuse me.