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There was a lot of games I like from all 3 conferences, but I did have some major problems with all three presentations



Halo Infinite: Return of the classic art style and music is great along with a new engine but zero gameplay or even gameplay details

New First Party Studios: Ninja Theory was much of a surprise as it is a good buy for MS, they could honestly become their Naughty Dog if they invest in them properly and give them the freedom they need to make their games the best they can be. But it feels a little too late for Xbox One since we won't anything from these studios except Forza Horizon until next gen it seems like.

Tales of Vesperia, DMC5, Kingdom Hearts 3, Shadows Die Twice, Dying Light 2, Cyberpunk 2077 all great reveals, but I plan playing Tales on my Switch and the rest on my PS4.

Microsoft had their best showing this gen and was a great show for gaming as whole, but its clear that while they are taking steps in the right direction, that MS first party problem won't be solved until next gen. 



The Last of Us, Ghosts of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and Spider-Man are all gonna be fantastic games, but only one of them has a release date, let alone a release year and we didn't get to see any real gameplay for Death Standing just another vague trailer. 

Control, Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 2 were the only multiplats that at all grab my attention, in fact I can't remember if any other multiplat was shown.

The pacing was horrible due to the music and that god damn intermission which didn't really reveal anything and took up a shocking amount of the conference and was honestly the most boring moment during this years E3.

Also Sony is totally sending Dreams out to die. 



Smash 4 was my 2014 GOTY and Smash Ultimate looks to be top 3 of 2018 at least and as someone who has been slowly getting into competitive I loved the amount of detail Sakurai went into when it comes to changes, but I can see why others got annoyed by this if they weren't into competitive play.

I don't think 2018 is as barren as everyone is making it out to be for the Switch since if you look at the list upcoming games third wise it is a step up from last year and while I don't think its as good the Wii U's 2014 holiday line up first wise or especially 2017 first party wise. Smash and Pokemon Lets Go are gonna move a lot of systems, maybe not to the 20 million units Nintendo is aiming for, but still a lot like at least around 15 to 17 million I say. But I do feel that they could of use about 1 to 2 more first party games and at least shown a bit more 2019 stuff to make their presentation a bit better.


Overall while I was a bit disappoint by this E3 since I was expecting a lot more then what we got, I still really liked a good amount of the things we got.