I've been conflicted for a while now. VR has delivered the best gaming experiences I've ever had with Rez Infinite, RE7, Solus Project and many others. However I'm not that fond of short games and that's what 99% of VR games are. For the first year I played over 50 short games, most great, some amazing like Statik and Superhot, yet currently I rather play online GT Sport races (not supported in VR) or chip away at GOW or Detroit become human.

It's amazing to be in the worlds, but it can get very frustrating to fumble around with motion controls. Setup and calibration can still be a pain and it is a lot of work to let my kids play with it. Constant attention required to get everything situated right, keep them from stumbling around, keep the cable clear, help them find the buttons on the move controllers, recalibrate etc.

PSVR is not getting much love from me anymore, and it doesn't help that my old move controllers don't stay charged. When I want to use them they're empty and I'm playing with even more cables running everywhere ugh. I'm still hopeful for a new great game to draw me back in, Tetris effect sure looks good. However I still haven't started up Moss yet nor other games I still have waiting on my hdd.

It's a shame that RE7, practically a launch game for PSVR is still the best full game for it. Free of motion controls, full movement! Last game I tried was Rec room, couldn't figure out how to move. I guess it's teleport only? I got my kids all excited for the battle royale mode and they didn't even make it to the ground before turning it off, disappointed. How do you move, I don't know, they just drifted off the map and that was it.