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Stuart23 said:
The things that are coming are great,my problem is that majority of those things we already knew before the E3. This show was mainly to reveal details but about brand new unrevealed games,the number is surprisingly low. The only show that put a decent balance between reveals and what we already knew was Bethesda,and their show even wasn't that great.

That is a good point that I didn't get around to mentioning. I probably would have been a tad bit more accepting to stuff if stuff like Gears and Assassin's Creed wasn't leaked or if stuff like Ori, Fire Emblem, and Yoshi weren't already announced.

VAMatt said:
I wouldn't say that I'm disappointed by the games that are supposed to come later this year. But, I will say that E3, aside from the XB show, provided me with zero excitement boost. Usually, E3 increases my excitement for the rest of the year. But, this year, aside from XB, nobody had any substantial surprise to reveal. And, even XB didn't really have much to show for this year. Horizon 4 looked extremely good. And, the immediate launch of Unravel that was announced at their show are all that moved the 2018 needle for me there.

I guess I could give Ubisoft a little credit too, for showing a cool looking Ass Creed.

Anyway, I think we all got a little spoiled in 2017. Nintendo and Sony both knocked it out of the park with software, and XB launched a beastly hardware upgrade. That same level of awesomeness just isn't coming for us this year. In fact, until the year that PS5 (and probably the new XB) launch, I doubt we'll have anything to rival 2017 in terms of gaming excitement.

With that said, 2018 has started strong. If RDR2, and most of the other big fall games actually make it out this year, it'll still be a great year for gaming.

Yea I kinda alluded to it a bit, but 2017 was goddamn ridiculous. I REEEEALLY should've have lowered my expectations for this year given how last year was. Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, and Yoshi being delayed really devastated this year for me. I don't care for the twin shooters nor RDR2, so I needed those games desperately.

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