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CGI-Quality said:
Dark_Feanor said:

Well, they are good, but not wizards. The gameplay was very scripted and stage.

There are things in this demo that are basically impossible to implement as a generic pick up or reaction movement.
p.e:  The way Elie removes the arrow from the corpse and how it reacts is very impressive.  

Here is a more broad discussion of the telltales of a scripted vertical slice.

Much of this is either totally irrelevant or incorrect. Besides, I've been through this with you before. You need a better understand of how it works before you start trying to tell people what is "impossible" or not.

Off course, it is not impossible. They did it in the demo.

The "impossible" part is making that animation, the inverse kinematics and the skeleton mesh react to any possible angle.

Unless the game is even more linear than part I. When those interactions are few and far between. 

what we´ve been through,  it was because of the "Hey Ass hole", isn´t it?

Take a look at the E3 demo

Now, what the retail

Can you see the difference? 

I will help you.

1- In the demo Elie moves her legs in a natural movement away from the cover.
    In the retail, she slides backwards.

2- The enemy reacts to Elie call and turns to her.  
     The enemy doesn´t react to her.

3-  The brick hits perfectly in the head and carries moment to the enemy, that turns in a natural movement.
     The glass bottle triggers the standard enemy animation.

4- There is no skip animation from Joe getting out of cover and pressing the enemy on the wall.
    Em Joe trigs the bashing animation there is a skip to place both models in the correct position. 

This video shows more of how the animations are blended.

I´m not undervaluing ND work. It is a pain in the ass blend those animations and trick the player not to notice.