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CGI-Quality said:
LethalP said:
Anyone else think Naughty Dog are in a leauge of their own in terms of gameplay animations? How no matter what you choose to do in the gameplay, it all contextually blends together. There's almost no seam in animation transitions. Ever since The Last Of Us on PS3, they've been in a leauge of their own.

Yes. They've been that way since Uncharted 3, when they ramped up the blending.

Well, they are good, but not wizards. The gameplay was very scripted and stage.

There are things in this demo that are basically impossible to implement as a generic pick up or reaction movement.
p.e:  The way Elie removes the arrow from the corpse and how it reacts is very impressive.  

Here is a more broad discussion of the telltales of a scripted vertical slice.