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Azzanation said:
loy310 said:
Did not like what i saw from both. Both gameplay looks generic AF. TLOU2 looks like a kill simulator. While DS just look like straight up trash.


TLOU PT2 is a definite pick up for me, visually  impressive like always however i did get a Division Vibe from that gameplay footage. They could have shown a better part of the game. Oh well its just a Demo teaser.

As for Death Stranding.. no thanks, walking simulations can jump. Especially when its a confusing story like it is. Ill wait and see before jumping on board that game. 

I see what you're saying about the Division, mainly in visual style. But the gameplay was less about hiding behind things and more about running around the map finding different ways to kill enemies wether it be grabbing them and using them as shields, choking them out or whatever, like the first game. I think if anything it's what the Division needed more of. But with it being multiplayer it probably would be difficult to implament some of that hostage stuff.