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Cerebralbore101 said:
irstupid said:

The trouble is, the bolded may all very well be PS5 games for all we know. No release year stated. Also, beyond Nioh 2, the other four were all the big E3 games last year. Besides Spiderman, the bolded 3 will also be at E3 next year.

Didn't they just get really short announcement trailers last year? This year Sony showed off gameplay for three of them.

I don't recall if Last of Us was there, but it has been at other places. Pretty sure we had like 2 trailers for it already.

Death Standing we had a very long trailer for it, and beyond the hiking trip shown this time, nothing new.

Spiderman we had full on big trailer and lots of gameplay as well last year.

The Samurai game was really the only one that was a more unknown. It was just a cinematic trailer from what I recall. A decent length trailer, but still no idea on gameplay.

Still doesn't refute the point that they were all known games for over a year with trailers. Actual trailers, not just a Metroid 4, Elder Scrolls 6, Starsomething title screen.

Microsoft showed off and announced new things never before seen.