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Machina said:
I was a little underwhelmed tbh. I love the setting, most of the visuals, and the concept but the fighting looks a bit... dull. Kinda reminds me of Assassin's Creed's combat, which is the thing that turned me off that franchise in the first place. Coming to this after watching TLoUII's gameplay walkthrough also, it just doesn't feel very ambitious.

I hope the stealth scenarios become much more complex than what we saw with him entering that building from above and then just insta-killing everyone. Hoping for some large scale village infiltrations once the Mongols take over territory, for example, where you're incentivised to methodically take out enemies using different approaches and weapons. A sort of modern Tenchu.

Side note - glad there'll be Japanese voices and subtitles, that's definitely going to be the best way to play it. Hearing them speak English when everything else about the game is steeped in ancient Japanese culture is a bit jarring.

Still high on my radar, but it's slipped well below TLoUII after seeing them both in action.

A modern Tenchu would be so great! I miss those games.

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