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Ka-pi96 said:
What's up with the text in the OP?

I think he'll definitely have a role, but I don't expect it to be that big. Wouldn't surprise me if you play as him during the prologue and then switch to Ellie for the rest of the game.

I made a comment on N4G expressing this very thought, and figured it would make a decent topic.  Instead of typing the same crap out again, I simply copy and paste my own comment with a few adjustments to my wording to make it fit as the start of a thread.  In doing that, I guess it flagged my text as copied and made it look different, and prevented my topic from going up on the front page.


Pretty stupid of you ask me.  I get the purpose of it, to prevent people from copy and pasting articles from elsewhere, but in my case it is legit my own wording and topic.  This is just a case where mods try to fix one problem, but create others.  In the future I guess I will have to type stuff out twice due to this oversight and any other person who copies and pasted legitly will also be affected the same way.


Not hating on the mods, just annoying that this change is even a thing.

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