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I have a feeling they are going to pull a DMC4 here. You play the first 33% as Ellie, then you play about 33% as Joel, Then you finish the game as Ellie. 

They touched up on that formula to a lesser extent with the full game, I could see them expanding on it in part 2. We know Joel is alive, and he plays just as major a role in the overarching franchise plot as Ellie. Do we really believe that he is just going to sit by idle and twiddle is thumbs while his "daughter" is out there on this quest for vengeance? 

He will play a major role in this one way or another.   What do you all think?  How big of a role do you think Joel will have in Ellie's next adventure in this post apocalyptic world?

Last edited by TruckOSaurus - on 12 June 2018

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