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JRPGfan said:
Lafiel said:
game looked amazing no doubt and 1 on 1 seems really satisfying, but for enemy groups they seem to go the "enemies come at you 1 by 1" route, which is a shame and looks quite awkward/immersion breaking

Honor was a big thing amoung samurai.
In Shogun the book, theres a scene when a lady samurai is being kept prisoner (politly) but she takes offense, and has orders to leave by her master (hes not there).
When she tries to leave, she and her escorts are stopped.

They are massively overpowered... like a escorte of 50 samurai, in a enemy base of 10,000+.
Never the less the first escort, when told they arnt allowed to go, and he has orders to escort them outsides, sets to attack the samurai telling them they cant.

This leads to the scene I mention.
Because its a enemy base of 10,000.... what happends is 1 of those guys, takes on that 1 guy leading the escort.
When he kills one of the enemy, another steps forwards to stop him.
And when he eventually falls, another of the escort steps up.

Its 1 on 1..... all the way until the 50 ish samurai escort are all killed (50 men no matter how good, cant beat 10,000+ in single combat).
The lady samurai is forced to retreat.

Her dishonor at failing her masters orders, sets her on a path to commit seppuku, which in turn also shames the ones that are keeping her prisoner.

you do realize the enemies are mongols, right?