LipeJJ said:

Ok, guys. E3 was kind of meh, but strangely enough it convinced me to buy a PS4 Pro.

I sold my original PS4 (with P.T. demo) early last year as I thought no (or few) game(s) that interested me would come out for the rest of the gen. But it seems like PS5 and "Scarlet" are late 2020 releases, and many games that interest me are popping up.

The absolute must buys for me will be Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima and Kingdom Hearts III (the whole trilogy to be honest). There's also RE7 and RE2 that look amazing. I hear Nier Automata is awesome as well, so I'm interested.

So I wanted to ask a few questions about PS4 Pro:

1- Is the difference noticiable if you don't own a 4K TV? (I plan on buying a good one, but this will only happen early next year)

2- I heard there is a way to configure settings like performance (fps) and resolution. Do all games have this options? Or at least the majority?

3- Is it noisy?

Since the difference in price is not big, I think if I were to buy a PS4 again, it would be the Pro, so I'd like all information I can get. Thank you guys in advance.

EDIT: Which bundle do you guys consider the best? Forgot to ask about that too.

What ever you do don't buy that blue console.

Get a PS4 Pro the newest update take much more advantage of the PS4 Pro even if you only have 1080P tv and the PS4 pro will be an easier sell before the PS5 come out. 

Every one is expecting the PS5 to be fully backward compatible to PS4 so your game library should carry over. 

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA