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mZuzek said:
Nautilus said:

Well, I didnt play every single StarFox game, but if I never heard anything about the hover and dodges and all, it must probably be because these games werent anything special.

I just dont get this hostility.It dosent matter if Nintendo didnt develop internally Star Fox for how many years, what matters is that they have mismanaged the IP, thats all.And when I saw more of Starlink, I thought that this game could bring in fresh ideas to the IP that could really make it work.

Anyways, thats more of an idea for a future title, assuming that Retro game is true.

It's been around since Star Fox 64, and if Star Fox 64 wasn't anything special then no Star Fox game is. Of course, I'm sure there's some difference between SF64's all-range mode and whatever Starlink does (I just can't bother watching it), but if there's one thing you can't call it, it's "on rails".

Nintendo definitely mismanaged the IP during the 2000's. This decade, well, there's only been one game so far, but I wouldn't say they're mismanaging the franchise right now as much as they just mismanaged one game. There's a considerable difference there - Star Fox Zero might be a flawed game, but it doesn't really screw up the IP as a whole, something Star Fox Adventures definitely did.

And of course, Retro's game, if real, wouldn't be really franchise-defining because it is just a racing spin-off. So, there.


Don't be annoyed at the hostility. Take it like this: I've been wanting to talk about this here since I saw the announcement, but because there's no reaction threads, I'd have to go on the general Ubisoft Conference thread, which I wouldn't do because 1. everyone else was already talking about AC at the time, and 2. those kinds of threads are better suited to short posts rather than long ones. They're also the place for people to hype shit up and express their excitement, and I wouldn't want to go there just to be a party pooper. So, the moment I saw someone make a thread on this, well, it was time for thought dumping.

Star Fox 64 was the last great Star Fox game and the only masterpiece in the franchise.Being honest, thats also the only entry I have ever played, and I loved to hell.But Im sorry, Star Foy, at least as far as 64 and Zero is concerned, is on rails.Yeah sure that it has its all range mode at times, but it is a pretty much rails game.This is not an issue by itself, and it surely wasnt when 64 launched.That game was simply flawless.The problem is, Starfox can do more, become more.I dont mean that it cant have the on rails moments and occasional all range modes that are mostly exclusive to an area for that specific moment.Star Fox Zero would be a good game without the messy controls, but it would still only just be an okay game.Starfox needs and deserves better.

And for it to reach that status, it needs to be reinvented, like Mario and Zelda are every once in a while.It needs to grow in another words.And I feel like what Starlink does is what Starfox should do in order to achieve that.Of course it would need the Nintendo touch and it would make for an even better game, but the ground work is there.And Im sorry, but If you arent willing to watch the gameplay of the game, I wont be able to argue with you and it will feel like that Im just trying to discuss with someone that is stuck in his ways.

And who said Retro game is a spin off?The way that i see it, if Retro game is successful, and I mean really successful, that will become the future of Starfox, or at least that will define the main series, with maybe the occasional spin off that plays in the classic way.Starfox has been having so much difficulty to become mainstream again, that Nintendo probably gave it to Retro to reinvent it.They probably said "you can do whatever you want and if it works, thats what starfox is going to be from here on out".

About the stupid rule about no thread to express what you think my advice is:Just ignore it.Its a foolish decision.They want to stop the forum from being overloaded with threads, but few threads are being made.So just go for it.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.