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vivster said:
DonFerrari said:
I don't think there is anything they could do that would change the sales of X1 significantly.

They could buy Sony and rename the PS4.

Well, that announcement at an E3 would be funny =p

JRPGfan said:
Jranation said:

And that is exactly what is happening at the e3 thread lol

If it was it wouldnt have so many people rateing it a 8 outta 10 in the thread.
So no thats not exactly what is happending.... .MS are getting props for doing a decent E3 presentation.

You have to let them play the victim card.


@The presentation. Many people doesn't know the games revealed are multiplats (and in case of DMC5 the trailer at the end had only X1 and X1X logos, inducing exclusivity thinking), plus 5 new studios (people also doesn't know how big they are or the games). So on perception front that would be a very strong showing, that for next box can be very good.

Also they talking about nextbox gives points on how good an E3 is... but considering they talked about no more generations and released X1X like 8 months ago it can make some damage to current gen sales and also make buyers lose confidence in the next generation... that feeling that if MS isn't selling well in a gen they cut it short, making gamers think on "perhaps I should wait to see if they will have solid sales so the gen will stay" and after "well perhaps I shouldn't buy at the 3rd year because they could release a new console next year".

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