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John2290 said:

They revealed 3 new studios, a major solidification with a long time third party dev and the acquisition of fucking Ninja theory. That's basically saying they have 5 new IP's in the pipeline if you don't get the correlation. They announced a new halo and a new gears as well as dated much of what we already knew was in the works. They announced the release of yet another playstation third party exclusive, Neir after already snagging Hellblade and coated the whole thing with JRPGs like the tales remaster. Forshadowed the Next box. What more could any Xbox gamer ask for, they certainly have shown their audience hope...more than that actually, proof they are on the right track.

On top of that they gathered all of the biggest games to their conference including many new IPs first, that kind of subtle brand recognition goes a damn long way. All gamers aren't as hardcore as we and seeing Sekerio, Just cause 4, Devil may cry 5 and Cyberpunk is invaluable. Hell I'm a Sony gamer and I could barely be arsed to schedule time to watch the Sony conference now, I will but it's definitely not a priority.

Nintendos and sony's sails have had their wind removed. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what they have in stick and Sony at least have already said they'll focus what they already have. 

Technicaly they anounced 3 new studios, two of those studios already worked exclusively to MS basically, anyway ye that was the high point for MS, specialy Ninja Theory, and they couldve focused a lot more on the games they have and talked about what those 5 studios are working on, ppl aren't buying Xboxes today and they wont buy one cause Ninja Theory has some title we don't know anything about yet in the pipeline for 3 years down the road. Its definetly a step in the right direction for MS tough.

Halo Infinity shouldve had a stronger presence, it had a very quick CG trailer with no release window, game might be ways away yet. They could've and shouldve focused a lot more on Gears 5, their next true big hitter, and also on Ori 2, the first was a big success. Forzas showing was very nice, lengthy and comprehensible. Crackdown 3 almost wasn't even there, quick trailer, no emphasis.

They showed quick CG (or pre-rendered in engine or whatever) trailers of every multiplat under the sun, none had even any time to stay, again Sony can pick and choose some to focus on (if they want/ have deals) and just stick the rest in a 2 minute montage. It was an entertaining conference, it realy won't do much for Xbox sales, might do for the next Xbox (wich btw evryone knew was in the works, everyone knows the next Playstation is as well and Sony will hint at it, if they werent before they will now), won't help them right now.

Now if you ask me to rate the conference Id probably give it a 9, as I said it was super entertaining. Do I think it does what MS needed it to do ? Not at all. 

Last edited by DakonBlackblade - on 10 June 2018