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Aura7541 said:
Azzanation said:

You are entitled to whatever you want to think. 

Its premature to say something wont happen just because..

A better way to look at it is i dont care if one it brought out or not, aslong as its in good hands. I enjoy useing both platforms.

Bottom line, its a buisness not a playground. Money talks.

But that's was not what Chazore was saying. He said that Gabe isn't going to sell Valve to MS because he has voiced disagreements against MS in the past.



Gabe has a well known and documented history of why he elft MS, why he still to this day disagrees with them, and why he even made Valve. All of what he has done has been based around his ideals and design, which doesn't at all point towards him suddenly giving that up to the company he left nearly 3 decades later. 

I find the notion that "it's going to happen like it or not" is based on both willful desire and ignorance, rather than facts and reality that we can see before us.