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Azzanation said:
Chazore said:

Those last two paragraphs make it sound liek you definitely 100% without a doubt in your mind, think that Gabe is going to sell to MS.

They aren't. Gabe has voiced disagreement, as others have already pointed out.

He isn't a young man, but he also has a son. It also being a private company, he can also have someone run it, someone within the actual company itself.

You are entitled to whatever you want to think. 

Its premature to say something wont happen just because..

A better way to look at it is i dont care if one it brought out or not, aslong as its in good hands. I enjoy useing both platforms.

Bottom line, its a buisness not a playground. Money talks.

But that's was not what Chazore was saying. He said that Gabe isn't going to sell Valve to MS because he has voiced disagreements against MS in the past.