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JEMC said:

But you are. Shovelware is some kind of content, like it or not, so getting rid of any kind of active curation (they'll review a game after a complaint has been filled) will only make it easier for this kind of content to appear on the store, making it worse.

Consoles wade through (nice expression that I didn't know! Thanks :) ) shitty games because they do curate the games for their consoles. Devs/publishers ask for permission to release their games and Nintendo, Sony and MSoft decide, after inspecting it, if they give the green light or not. But that curating is what Valve will get rid of, so as long as someone pays the $100 needed to publish a game on Steam, they'll be able to launch their games on the platform.

That's why being happy with this change and asking for no shovelware are almost mutually exclusive, it's impossible to have both things at the same time.

It is not, if Steam did like the console makers (but somewhat more open about content, as Sony, MS, and Nintendo are all pretty against explicit sex in games) and inspected all of the games for a certain quality then the issue of shovelware would be eliminated. The type of content should not be block (sexual, extreme violence etc.) but garbage shovelware games should be blocked. But why should Valve do any of this? It would be very difficult for them to implement all of this and Valve rakes it in hand over fist with Steam. PC gamers have allowed Valve to do and get away with whatever they want for to long.