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JEMC said:
rolltide101x said:

I agree with this myself I do not think any content should be blocked. If you do not like the content of something do not buy it.

However early access really needs to die and they need to get rid of shovelware. Finding decent games on Steam is an absolute chore as the vast majority are shovelware or in alpha stages.

It's funny how you're contradicting youself in the same post. Either everything is allowed or not, but not both things.

And, by the way, most of us are against this new policy because it will mean a lot more shovelware on the store.

Actually I am not at all. If it were all or nothing then explain consoles? Consoles wade through the games that want to be on their platform and (mostly) get rid of shovelware. 


Content that some may find offensive SHOULD NOT be blocked

Content that is not finished SHOULD be blocked.