Bristow9091 said:
MasterThief said:

Yes. insomniac wants to keep the IP. that ip will never be huge. its just a niche single player game. but Sony should absolutely do it. that game in no way will ever do well on an xbox console because Insomniac style fans are on the playstation side. Sony should absolutely fund and publish both SO2 and port the original. to PS5. 


would be a giant XD to microsoft because SO2 is probably their best or 2nd best exclusive IMO. 

I'm all for a new Sunset Overdrive game, especially on a Sony console, since it looks really fun and is one of the very few games the XBO has that I wish I could have on Playstation... but Microsoft published the first, so can't see it coming to a Playstation console, at least not for a while, who knows... 

Also how can you say a game that doesn't exist is "probably their best or second best exclusive"? It doesn't really make sense o.O

I mean the first one gonna edit that