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Ganoncrotch said:
OdinHades said:

Digital has a huge downside for me. I have two Switch consoles at home. One for me and one for my son. I just need one copy of a physical game and we both can enjoy it. With digital games I would have to buy a game two times for that. I know I could deactivate and activate the consoles all the time, but seriously, that's way more inconvenient than just swapping the cartridge.


Also, I like to trade games with friends. Doesn't work too well with digital stuff. =


While I'm not against digital games in any way, I strongly believe that the Best solution for us as consumers is to have as many options as possible. That way everyone can just choose what he likes best. What works for you isn't neccessarily the optimal solution for everybody else in the world.


That said, fuck you, Capcom!

Very valid points with multiple switches in a household, I hadn't considered that and understand how you want the games on cart. Very well put.

Perhaps Nintendo could fix the issue for you at their end by allowing multiple systems use the same accounts like you can with the X1 or PS4? Could be win/win for all concerned? But yeah completely concede that for you digital costs twice as much for the same thing. Annoying.

The one thing you are also forgetting is us Nintendo gamers grew up in an era were collecting is just as big as playing. You cannot change old habbits, I like have nice boxes on my shelf. 

Even secondhand sales, compare like Wii vs P360, Hardly any second hand AAA Wii games yet they sold millions vs PS360 where after one week there be 10s of copies in each store to buy second hand.