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Ganoncrotch said:
routsounmanman said:

Have fun trying to play the game in 10 years, when Nintendo will have shut down its Switch distribution servers.

Is it a real worry for you that you'll buy a game now and not be able to play it in a decade time? I have a ton of megadrive games from 30 years ago as carts in boxes, don't have an RF tuner on my TV or Projector so I can't use them now, what difference does it make having the carts, in 10 years time you'll likely be able to have a folder of switch games on your PC the same way I've all my megadrive games as Roms on my PC today to enjoy them still.

Do you not worry about how CD's and magnetic storage like carts can also fail over time? or do you think they'll last forever?


(this post is ignoring obvious stuff like how you can backup any of the Wii eshop games you want onto a HDD and put them back onto a system yourself when that store is taken down, much like you can with the Vita and psp games from those digital shops, if you would actually give a rats about playing a Wii title in a decade time after it has been remastered 2-3 times and is more readily available on other devices which feature such things as... hdmi and resolutions over 576i)

I like to keep my games as a collection, in fact I still have my original GB working along with over 30 games. Nevertheless, even if I completely ignore that and say that I download this game (and I could theoretically keep it in my Switch forever since I have a 200GB sd card), why just the Switch version?

Doesn't it bother you when you're being treated differently? And I would be OK if this were a one time affair, but Capcom has scammed Nintendo Switch for over a year now. This is so not cool for me.