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Bandorr said:
DirtyP2002 said:

9 out of top 10 games on twitch are multiplayer titles.
Singleplayer games will be more and more niche as time goes by.

Even mobile games have a strong focus on multiplayer these days.

Possibly the worst example imaginable.

That is like going to a candy store and going "who here buys candy?"

Twitch is very much biased toward multiplayer games. it is endless content, no story (so no explanation no talking over it etc), and more importantly it allows the audience to join in with them.

The fact Detroit is even trending despite having any of that easily speaks to the power of single player. And if you want more examples go look into God of war, and Horizon zero dawn.


If Twitch is a bad indicator, give me a better alternative for it.

Time spent on these games? Multiplayer games are easily heads and shoulders above single player games.

Sales figures? The best selling games these days have a strong multiplayer focus or are multiplayer only.


Imagine not having GamePass on your console...