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Barkley said:
pitzy272 said:
I’m surprised he said this, with how touchy this topic is for MS. This doesn’t give me much confidence that the exclusive landscape will change in a direction I’ll like.

MS does have a point, however. Games are expensive, and only a fraction of the $60 (physical copy) cost goes to the publisher. GoW has likely become my favorite game of all time, but with its likely $100mil+ production budget, it took several million copies sold just for GoW to break even. So without a revenue option other than the $60 purchase cost, GoW will be less profitable I think than many would expect. Tho digital purchases have a very positive effect on profitability, so hopefully GoW has a high digital purchase percentage.

Sony will get roughly $45 per $60 game sold at a retailer, so considering it sold 3.1m in it's first 3 days...

~1m Digital - $60m
~2.1m Physical - $94m
Total - $154m

So yeah, they easily made there money back and then some in 3 days, everything here on out is profit.

BOTW was said to need around 2m sales to break even. 


I don't know if $100m+ is accurate, it may be. Horizon was said to be "over $52m" as it was the "largest dutch media production"

Rule of thumbs, 10k per dev per month.

GoW took 5 years with 200 dev team. That is 200*60*10000 = 120M on production. That is without considering VA, capture motion actors, marketing, etc. So even if some of that dev time was used on other things, it is safe to assume GoW costed over 100M to make.

duduspace11 "Well, since we are estimating costs, Pokemon Red/Blue did cost Nintendo about $50m to make back in 1996"

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