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pitzy272 said:
I’m surprised he said this, with how touchy this topic is for MS. This doesn’t give me much confidence that the exclusive landscape will change in a direction I’ll like.

MS does have a point, however. Games are expensive, and only a fraction of the $60 (physical copy) cost goes to the publisher. GoW has likely become my favorite game of all time, but with its likely $100mil+ production budget, it took several million copies sold just for GoW to break even. So without a revenue option other than the $60 purchase cost, GoW will be less profitable I think than many would expect. Tho digital purchases have a very positive effect on profitability, so hopefully GoW has a high digital purchase percentage.

Sony will get roughly $45 per $60 game sold at a retailer, so considering it sold 3.1m in it's first 3 days...

~1m Digital - $60m
~2.1m Physical - $94m
Total - $154m

So yeah, they easily made there money back and then some in 3 days, everything here on out is profit.

BOTW was said to need around 2m sales to break even. 


I don't know if $100m+ is accurate, it may be. Horizon was said to be "over $52m" as it was the "largest dutch media production"