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sounds like hes saying this:
Yep, we re not going to do single player anymore, because theres more potential for makeing money in multiplayer (and their cheaper to make.

What he actually says:

"It is difficult to pivot quickly and try to chase after trends that might happen even on the scale of a year. In business terms a year can be a long time, but development time being three to four years these days, that's the span we need to think about."

(this means they view the "good" showing of single player games from sony as a "trend" that ll change by next year lmao)


What he actually says:

"We've got to get our strategic long-term bets, our game development cycles and the things our players like to do in sync. And that will set us up for success".

(Its too late now (or too early) to change things up! we re all in this round of poker, and we re betting big on multiplayer!)