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Chris Hu said:
Not really there is a fair amount of them and The Crew 2 is being released pretty soon. Also Horizon is more of a simcade racer then arcade racer since you can upgrade and tune all the cars. You can also do that in the Crew but the overall handling of the cars is more arcady then the cars in Horizon plus they way you obtain parts and upgrades is more arcady.

Horizon is arcade. Nothing sim in it.

OP There are tons of arcade racers on the system. NFS: Rivals, NFS, NFS: Payback, Driveclub, Ride, Ride 2, The Crew, Flatout 4, MXGP, Nascar. You only have to look at it.

Most of the examples listed are utter shit compared to what we had in the 6th and 7th gens.

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