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flashfire926 said:


they have 1, Driveclub

Motorstorm Apocalypse (which was great!!) and Driveclub (which had a very troubled launch) both seem to have flopped commercially, resulting in Sony closing the studio.

Well, driveclub sold 2 million by mid-2015, so I wouldn't call it a commercial flop.

They did sell a decent amount of copies, but I doubt many of those were at full price as DC saw early and deep discounts because of it's server problems (that lasted for a few months as far as I remember ).  I'm pretty sure they didn't manage to recoup dev/marketing costs, otherwise Sony wouldn't have axed the studio like that.


Ka-pi96 said:

Not only was there a 2nd one, there was also a 3rd one.

I see, thanks for the info.

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