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MasterThief said:

but Sony went from making many arcade racers to none. I mean I don't think and never heard that they bombed commercially. they just stopped making them. like we have the upcoming Team Sonic Racing but man thats way late. where is a new wipeout? modnation? motorstorm? jet moto?. and other games that could be made for PS4.

you have 80 million consoles out there. put out a single arcade racer whatever it is for crying outloud. 

I don't think we went one year without an arcade racer last gen and now 5 years and none. 

they have 1, Driveclub

Motorstorm Apocalypse (which was great!!) and Driveclub (which had a very troubled launch) both seem to have flopped commercially, resulting in Sony closing the studio.

Well, driveclub sold 2 million by mid-2015, so I wouldn't call it a commercial flop.

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