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its been 4 and half years. and I have to say, the lack of kart racers, arcade racers and any sort of non-sim racing game is quite the eyesore for the system atm. 

lacking multiplayer shooters and games in general is fine. third parties cover that. third parties have not covered the arcade racing genre since the generation started. switch has MK and xbox gets horizon and I know microsoft is kind of crap on other parts of exclusives atm but they got forza and its a great arcade racer.

but Sony went from making many arcade racers to none. I mean I don't think and never heard that they bombed commercially. they just stopped making them. like we have the upcoming Team Sonic Racing but man thats way late. where is a new wipeout? modnation? motorstorm? jet moto?. and other games that could be made for PS4.


you have 80 million consoles out there. put out a single arcade racer whatever it is for crying outloud. 


I don't think we went one year without an arcade racer last gen and now 5 years and none.