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Hiku said:

Enemies in Castlevania are generally not dangerous. In the very early Castlevania games there were those skeletons throwing bones at you near pitfalls, but a lot of 8-bit and to some extent 16-bit games were designed to be very arcade-like and unforgiving. No continues or saves, etc.
But if you play something like Symphony of the Night (and beyond), you'd rarely, if ever, encounter enemies that give you the kind of pause and caution that a Souls enemy do.

Your description of how you approach bosses can be applied to a massive amount of games as well. Megaman for example.

am talking about 3d games that are slow. castlevania games are very slow paced similar to dark souls.


and by dangerous I meant they can potentially do a lot of damage. I mean in dark souls you kill the goons in two hits or something like that. as long as you are careful that is. but if you get careless you can easily get staggered and chain damaged by them


in castlevania a goon can easily hit you while jumping and ruin your day.