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Bandorr said:
I'd need a list but off hand - Scalebound.
Well before the latest release which just turned it into a forced QTE fest.

Dragon based RPG sounds awesome. Without forced multiplayer etc.

imo if you ask me. its a vapor ware demo


e.g lily bergamo, eight days, agent, deep down

Sony does it more than microsoft tho. 

do I have proof. no. but everyone is quiet about it. usually when a game gets canceled you get a reason  why. for example the Darkside game was canceled because supposedly it was too similar to no mans sky and horizon zero dawn. and they had a bit of trouble with the combat system. 


either that or the game was not gonna work on the xbox console. the base one at least. because the demo looked a lot better than the xb1x version of MHW. and that game had multiple beasts at once. a technical demo that was probably running on PC that they knew it won't run on a console . I mean it was lagging on the PC in the demo