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shikamaru317 said:
SmileyAja said:

True, but what are the odds this guy went snooping around for unkown Fallout related leaks on the interwebs, picked out a rando 4Chan leak and then posted it to Reddit 4 hours prior to the announcement on a 6 year old account without any posts until recently and it turned out to be true? He has to have at least some kind of source.

Parts of this just seems super fake to me. As much as I want Sunset Overdrive 2 to be real, Insomniac suggested just a few months ago that it still wasn't in development. So unless it has been greenlit since then, and MS is announcing it several years too soon, I can't see it being real. 

The Starfield part seems fake as well, a ResetEra verified insider said it would be announced at E3 and release later this year just a month or two ago.

Parts of the Nintendo document leak look fake to me. 

Lastly, he teases an Elder Scrolls 6 announcement next E3, but Bethesda has already they have 2 AAA game releasing before Elder Scrolls 6. One of them is Fallout 76 obviously, Starfield is the other one according to multiple leaks and the official Bethesda trademark, but if Starfield isn't announced at this E3 like he says, then it will be announced next E3, and I can't see Bethesda announcing both Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 on the same E3. 

Overdrive 2 and the Nintendo doc seem rather iffy to me as well. As for Elder Scrolls 6, I dunno if he's actually teasing it. Even if he is, Starfield is a trademark owned by Zenimax meaning it could be developed by any of their studios, not just Bethesda Softworks. A ResetEra insider has plenty more credibility than this guy as it stands right now though.